Robogames 2006 – a photoset on Flickr

Here are my photos from Robogames 2006 as a Flickr photoset. Later, I’ll get all of my video files uploaded onto YouTube (they are much cooler, saw some great sparks and general robot destruction yesterday!) Carmen and I are going back today for even more. Stay tuned. Technorati Tags: Robogames, Robolympics, Robot Combat Addendum: We … Continue reading “Robogames 2006 – a photoset on Flickr”

Brainwagon Radio: Robogames 2005 and the ATI X700 Pro

I haven’t gotten a lot done this afternoon, but I did record a podcast which described some of the fun we had at Robogames 2005 (check yesterdays blog entry for pictures) and a brief description of my new graphics card: an ATI X700 Pro which replaces the old X300 SE card in my Windows Media … Continue reading “Brainwagon Radio: Robogames 2005 and the ATI X700 Pro”

Brainwagon Radio

I suffered from a brief but fierce interest in podcasting back when podcasting was young. To me, it seemed like the ideal venue for people with eclectic interests to record their thoughts for sharing with others using the near ubiquitous mp3 players. I recorded 98 podcasts before giving it up and moving on. Here they … Continue reading “Brainwagon Radio”

FIRST Competition, Silicon Valley Regional this weekend

For those of you interested in robotics, this weekend is a veritable feast. In addition to the previously mentioned Robogames, this weekend is the Silicon Valley Regional FIRST Competition at San Jose State. It’s free, and sounds like fun. You can look at the agenda here. If you aren’t in the San Jose area, you … Continue reading “FIRST Competition, Silicon Valley Regional this weekend”