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Robogames 2006 – a photoset on Flickr


Here are my photos from Robogames 2006 as a Flickr photoset. Later, I'll get all of my video files uploaded onto YouTube (they are much cooler, saw some great sparks and general robot destruction yesterday!) Carmen and I are going back today for even more. Stay tuned.

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Addendum: We took a break in the middle of the day to go to Susan and Julian's barbecue. The Athletics/Dodger game started at six, we left their party around seven-thirty. By the time we got back to Robogames, it was almost nine, and the Dodgers had tied the game at 4 runs each, and they were heading to extra innings. We figured that by the time we left the Robogames, the game would long be over, but oh well. Imagine my surprise to find that the game was still going at 10:30! The game would eventually be decided in the bottom of the seventeenth inning when Bobby Crosby drew a bases loaded walk. Final score 5-4 and the A's have a nine game winning streak going into today's day game.

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Brainwagon Radio: Robogames 2005 and the ATI X700 Pro

I haven't gotten a lot done this afternoon, but I did record a podcast which described some of the fun we had at Robogames 2005 (check yesterdays blog entry for pictures) and a brief description of my new graphics card: an ATI X700 Pro which replaces the old X300 SE card in my Windows Media PC.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. My ham turned out delicious, as did the sweet potatoes.


Robogames 2005

Well, just got back from a day of watching robot combat at the Robogames competition in at San Francisco State. It continues tomorrow. You can look at my gallery of photos, and maybe even watch a Quicktime of a poor Robosapien competing in an event.

More coverage on Slashdot.

Even more photos, courtesy of Thomas Hawk: here and here.

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RoboGames (formerly ROBOlympics)

RoboGames (formerly ROBOlympics) is going to be held this weekend in San Francisco! How did I let this sneak up on me? II'll have to shell out my $20 and go at least one of the days. Stay tuned for a report!

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Brainwagon Radio

I suffered from a brief but fierce interest in podcasting back when podcasting was young. To me, it seemed like the ideal venue for people with eclectic interests to record their thoughts for sharing with others using the near ubiquitous mp3 players. I recorded 98 podcasts before giving it up and moving on. Here they are:

Intro 64 kb/s 22050 23:48
An Anniversary 64 kb/s 22050 11:33
Sky Captain Review 64 kb/s 22050 20:05
Zombie Comment Spammers Attack! 64 kb/s 22050 6:30
New Email, Bad Locks 64 kb/s 22050 16:18
Reactions about blogging 64 kb/s 22050 27:24
Fish, Doom3 and Thunder 64 kb/s 22050 16:40
Intellectual Property, Copyright and Opera 64 kb/s 22050 26:53
A Milestone, Bad Speech, Star Wars and Graphics Hardware 64 kb/s 22050 18:44
Remote broadcast, plus Shaun of the Dead 64 kb/s 22050 16:55
Earthquake! Baseball! And More! 64 kb/s 22050 23:19
Democratic Raving About the Debates! 64 kb/s 22050 27:50
Unemployment, Baseball and Strangerhood 64 kb/s 22050 22:06
Doom3, Halo, and Sound Effects CDs 64 kb/s 22050 21:06
Ballmer Blather, and SeeStrings 64 kb/s 22050 24:07
Stark Effect, VP Debates, and Stair Dismount 64 kb/s 22050 22:10
Fight Club, The Presidential Debates and My Weekend 64 kb/s 22050 25:38
Memory Walk 2004, Incredibles Wrap Party and Network Headaches 64 kb/s 22050 24:37
Functional Programming and VOIP 64 kb/s 22050 28:19
Team America and More Asterisk 64 kb/s 22050 9:32
Crossfire with Jon Stewart and Podcast Commercials 64 kb/s 22050 26:12
Go Sox, Nostalgia on the Terminal Room and Photography 64 kb/s 22050 19:51
Onto Game 7, Stellarium and Stewart Aftermath 64 kb/s 22050 15:43
Sox Win in 7, Apocalypse Just Around Corner 64 kb/s 22050 16:23
Asterisk and Linux Miscelleny 64 kb/s 22050 21:03
Happy 10th Anniversary 64 kb/s 22050 4:15
Magnatune, the DMCA and Treo Podcast 64 kb/s 22050 28:29
Happy Halloween! 64 kb/s 22050 19:15
Election Eve! 64 kb/s 22050 21:27
Post election blues, plus some book reviews... 64 kb/s 22050 21:29
Bloggercon Post-Mortem 64 kb/s 24000 28:37
Digital Audio Basics 64 kb/s 22050 22:33
Alternator Trouble, and a Pot Pourri 64 kb/s 24000 26:18
Aiptek DV4500 and more Gadgets 64 kb/s 24000 20:00
Lost and Found, Gadgets, Software and Thanksgiving! 64 kb/s 24000 21:12
Cinnamon Bear, Core Media Player and Konfabulator 64 kb/s 22050 19:59
Post Thanksgiving Tinkering 64 kb/s 24000 18:00
MPx220 and MythTV 64 kb/s 24000 29:03
Digital Signal Processing, with apologies to the BBC 64 kb/s 24000 6:32
Too Long Since the Last One 64 kb/s 24000 22:30
Kudos, Drawing and Helix DNA Server 64 kb/s 24000 28:20
Dead KVM Switch, Rants, Dickens and Mediocre Audio 64 kb/s 24000 26:37
Christmas Prep, My Wife, Referer Spam and BitTorrent 64 kb/s 24000 22:11
Boxing Day, with some Christmas Gadget Reviews 64 kb/s 24000 13:28
A Minor Revolt: Linux on the Laptop 64 kb/s 24000 13:10
A Miscelleny of Rambling 64 kb/s 24000 27:08
New Years Goals, Women in Podcasting and a Mellow Track 64 kb/s 24000 30:09
Wil Wheaton's Booksigning 64 kb/s 11025 9:57
Small Webservers and Telescope Building 64 kb/s 24000 33:17
New, but Still Noisy Recording and the NSLU2 64 kb/s 24000 16:38
Dell Axim x50v, iPod shuffle, and the Soweto Gospel Choir 64 kb/s 44100 20:12
Photography in Public, Blogging in the Workplace, and More 64 kb/s 24000 32:53
Upgrading to WordPress 1.5 64 kb/s 44100 15:47
Oscar Review Preview 64 kb/s 24000 2:40
Oscar Review 64 kb/s 24000 50:33
Sans Wife, Robots and Junk 64 kb/s 24000 14:00
Robots, robots, and rigid body simulation 56 kb/s 22050 12:18
Live Linux CDs! 96 kb/s 22050 7:36
LiveCD, The Incredibles DVD, and The Ring, Two 64 kb/s 24000 12:46
Scrappy, Live CDs and Misc... 96 kb/s 22050 13:34
Scrappy Update, The Schiavo Case, and Barry Bonds 96 kb/s 22050 20:42
Robogames 2005, and ATI X700 56 kb/s 22050 13:55
SCOTUS reviews Grokster, Copyrights, and itsyBSD 56 kb/s 22050 19:46
April Fools Day and Sweet and Sour Bitter Melon 56 kb/s 22050 15:26
World Poker Tour Game, Sin City, and Acronis True Image 56 kb/s 22050 12:51
Opening Day for the Athletics 128 kb/s 22050 9:19
Blackjack, Hold'em and Gambling 96 kb/s 22050 24:31
A Brief Jaunt to Reno 96 kb/s 22050 13:51
Oroboros 96 kb/s 22050 7:40
Bay Fun Tong Restaurant 96 kb/s 22050 5:26
Happy Birthday o/~ 96 kb/s 22050 17:34
World Wind, and Pick My Next Car 96 kb/s 22050 12:21
Philips DVP642 and the Commercialization of Podcasting 96 kb/s 22050 15:27
Potpourri Surrounding Make Magazine v2 96 kb/s 22050 20:06
Mystery Podcast 96 kb/s 22050 14:28
31 96 kb/s 22050 23:11
Why Blog, and Spam 96 kb/s 22050 20:35
Happy Birthday, Grokster and Gnomedex 96 kb/s 22050 26:06
Opera for Smartphone, Orb and Deep Impact 96 kb/s 22050 10:14
Terror in London, WiFi arrest, and Two Movies 96 kb/s 22050 21:12
About Weight Loss 96 kb/s 22050 14:01
About Laptops as Textbook Replacements 96 kb/s 22050 8:50
Trying to get back in the swing 96 kb/s 22050 23:35
Watching my waist, and reality TV 96 kb/s 22050 12:54
Podcasting via Compactflash, and Google Talk 96 kb/s 22050 13:48
Retro Programming on the Atari 2600 96 kb/s 22050 20:35
Computer Chess at the Computer History Museum 96 kb/s 22050 13:26
eBay buys Skype: Why? 96 kb/s 22050 21:12
Baseball, Atari 2600, FPGAs, you name it. 96 kb/s 22050 20:06
A Podcast Duet 96 kb/s 22050 17:53
Turbo Slug, Death of PC, and End of Baseball Season 96 kb/s 22050 26:48
Comments on Scoble and Specifications 96 kb/s 22050 13:46
My Wife Reviews the Video iPod 96 kb/s 22050 10:29
Headset and Sunset 96 kb/s 22050 14:20
Headset, Reset, and Videora Ipod Converter 56 kb/s 22050 17:18
Sony Rootkits Their Customers, and Thanksgiving Food. 56 kb/s 22050 29:59
Problems with Bluetooth Installation 56 kb/s 22050 8:43
I'm Back! XM Radio, Panasonic TZ-1 56 kb/s 22050 23:32
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Megabyte Does a Handstand

Megabyte is a robotic whirling dervish of destruction. I've seen him obliterate many a robot, throwing tires, axels, body armor in all directions. But I have never seen him do this. A very nice demonstration of what I suspect is an unplanned failure mode.

Incidently, it took a bit of doing to figure out how to generate a smaller version of the video (shot with my Panasonic DMC-TZ1) from the normal .mov that the camera records. The audio would often desync. The best results seemed to be:

ffmpeg -i -ar 44100 -b 1000 somefile.mpg

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Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today Carmen and I are celebrating our sixth anniversary! Thanks for putting up with all my crap honey! And now... a musical interlude.

We are off to watch the Robogames today (oooh, romantic, I know) and maybe catch some delicious food at some as yet unnamed San Francisco restaurant, maybe drop in on a BBQ, it's all up in the air.

No doubt some pictures of robot destruction will follow though. More later.

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Robot Dreams

Lem Fugitt has a nice robotics blog, and found my pictures of Robogames 2005. He nicely linked from his blog, so I thought I'd return the favor while tooting my own horn. His blog is cool too, wander around.

Robot Dreams


FIRST Competition, Silicon Valley Regional this weekend

For those of you interested in robotics, this weekend is a veritable feast. In addition to the previously mentioned Robogames, this weekend is the Silicon Valley Regional FIRST Competition at San Jose State. It's free, and sounds like fun. You can look at the agenda here. If you aren't in the San Jose area, you could try looking at this list of 2005 Regional Events.

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